Why are Russian women so popular? Yes, Russia is a great country but there is more – maybe because they are so beautiful?
Men from all over the world are attracted by Russian women not only for their beauty but because they are feminine and family oriented.
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Dear Alain and Yuliya, you are really doing the right thing here! I just want to thank you, my friends for all the service done for me! We Johan and Natasha are going to send you two invitations for our marriage which is planned in autumn in Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands.

Sincerely, Johan from Netherlands
Thanks to your matchmaking agency. I found a nice lady in Odessa a pretty doctor named Irena! I must thank Yuliya and Alain for this fate meeting I traveled to Ukraine at the beginning of this year and spent all the Christmas and New Year holidays there! I just enjoyed everything there two beautiful ladies: one mine and the other our interpreter )))) They hold me from both sides while walking along the city and all the men were jealous about our trio )))). Irena was like a mother and my lady in one for me there! It is possible that I will be in the soonest time a citizen of Odessa also as I am going to buy some nice home or will build one functional house which will be suitable for us: my lady and me. Greetings from Charles from Belgium and wish all clients of MyPartnerForever.net to find their sweet ladies somewhere here in Ukraine!

Charles, Belgium
Dear M. Lalonde, I thank you very much for your quick reply to my inquiry. Be assured that I appreciate a lot your efficient service. Furthermore, I am deeply touched by the full commitment you show towards the people using your site: I even perceive a sort of sacred devotion to the service you render. So, I cannot help thanking you for all that you are doing for my dear friend Oksana and me.

Stefano, Italy
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International Marriage Agency and Matchmaking Service Featuring
Single Russian women and Ukrainian Girls Seeking a Life Partner

Beautiful Girl from Ukraine - Ekaterina from Kiev, Ukraine

Best dating site to browse singles and personals of hot Russian women and sexy Ukrainian girls who are seeking love and romance. Use our honest marriage agencies and international matchmaking service to avoid brides scams and scammers. Meet single ladies from Russia and the Ukraine who are seeking a reliable and faithful husband.

Russian Women still have the traditional family values that many western men are looking for in a future wife. They dream to become the beautiful bride of a reliable and faithful man. They register with their local marriage agency who works with our dating site and matchmaking service to find a decent man with who they will create a strong family.

These Russian brides, Ukraine girls and Belarus women seek a husband from outside their country because they cannot find him locally. They simply wish to become beautiful brides and caring wives for the men lucky enough to get their attention and win their hearts.

Our International Dating Site and Matchmaking Service
Features Singles and Personals of Russian Women
Seeking a Reliable and Faithful Man for Husband

Our International matchmaking site and dating service displays singles and personals of Russian girls who are looking for a decent and good hearted man to share love and romance and create a strong family. Every woman featured on our dating site is registered with her local marriage agency. We have partnered with marriage agencies throughout Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Each marriage agency owner is an experienced matchmaker and takes pride in finding suitable husbands for her single ladies.

Each Russian girl has registered in person with passport in hands. Our marriage agencies owners and staff interview them to ensure they are honest and sincere and serious about finding a husband from outside their country. Their matchmaking service helps their single women and single men from around the world to find each other and develop a relationship.

Russian Brides Scams and Ukrainian Dating Scammers
Are Not Tolerated on our International Dating Site

Russian brides scams and Ukrainian dating scammers are detected by our marriage agency owners and are not tolerated on our international dating site. These scam artists avoid our marriage agencies because they know their rules and know that they will be detected. Our marriage agency owners and staff validate the identity of each Russian girl with passport in hands and interview her to verify that she is serious and sincere about finding a husband form outside her country.

MyPartnerForever does put up with any brides scams. Our international dating site and matchmaking service cooperates with the best marriage agencies in Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine. Use our experienced matchmakers to find your future hot Russian wife!

Many of These Russian Girls Look Like Top Models
Why Would These Beautiful Women and Sexy Girls
Seek a Life Partner Outside Their Country?

Many of these Russian girls have the looks of a top model but it is still difficult for these beautiful women and sexy girls to find a suitable life partner in their own country. As in any country, a sexy woman who has the looks of a top model will attract many men, among who are some very wealthy ones. Russian girls on our dating site are obviously not looking for this as there many wealthy men in Russia. They simply wish to meet a reliable and faithful man with who they will create a strong family.

Another reason why these beautiful women are seeking a foreign husband is the fact that there are approximately 10 million more women than men in Russia and former USSR. In some cities, there is a ratio of 5:1 women versus men seeking a life partner. No matter how sexy a Russian girl looks; it is still difficult to find a good man to create a strong family with. This is why so many Russian women are seeking a husband from outside their country.

Russian Girls, Belarusian Ladies and Ukrainian Brides
Are Some of the Most Beautiful and Sexy Women in the World

Looking at sexy Russian girls in St Petersburg and Moscow, beautiful Belarus ladies in Minsk and Grodno, and nonetheless hot Ukraine brides in Kiev and Odessa, anyone has to agree that these sexy Russian girls are among the most beautiful women in the world. When traveling to Russia and former USSR, sexy girls can be seen everywhere. How is it possible that there are so many beautiful women in Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine?

Because there are approximately 10 Million more women than men in Russia and former USSR, Russian women need to always to look their best to have a chance to attract suitable husbands. They eat healthy and live an active way of life. Check the pictures and videos of these hot girls and read their profile description; you will want to travel to Russia and meet single Russian girls!

There are thousands of sexy Russian girls seeking a life partner on our international matchmaking and dating site. It does not matter if they are in Kiev, St Petersburg, Odessa, Grodno, Kharkov or any part of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine; they are real, beautiful, sexy, single and seeking a reliable and faithful man to share their life with.

...Wouldn't you love to have a bride like that?

Hot Russian Brides and Sexy Ukrainian Girls
Why are these Women Labelled this Way?
Can these "Hot" Ladies be Good Wives?

Why would any man type hot Russian brides or sexy Russian girls when searching for a Russian wife on the internet is a good question? There can be many answers but the main question is: can these beautiful women be good wives?

Without a doubt: beautiful Russian women become the brides of thousands of men from around the world each year.

These hot Russian girls are certainly sexy, but mostly: they are intelligent, well-educated and hard workers. For those who are career minded; they still have the traditional family values and they will always keep their husband and family a top priority.

Unlike many western women, they don't see the need to be independent and self-sufficient within a couple. They see their man as the head of the family and want to feel protected by him. The main reason is that they still have these old values which our parents and grandparents had. And in those days, marriages generally lasted a lifetime.

A Russian woman seeks a reliable and faithful man to create a family with. She looks for a man who will provide financial security, be generous and be faithful and take good care of his family. Financial security and generous doesn't mean that a man needs to be a millionaire and spoil her with jewels; it simply means that he should be able to provide a decent life for his family.

It doesn't matter how successful a Russian lady can be with her career, what matters the most for her is to be married with a reliable and faithful man and to create a strong family. If you share these precious values, then one of these sexy Russian girls may be your future bride.

... We're living proof!
Beautiful Russian Women Beautiful Ukrainian Women

Our names are Alain and Yuliya. I (Alain) am from Montreal, Canada and my beautiful wife Yuliya is from Grodno, Belarus. It happens that we were both in a very similar situation: single parents who were looking for a life partner in our own country without success. Between taking care of children and work, we kept trying to meet our future life partner locally without success.

In our respective way, we decided to help destiny. I joined an international dating site and Yuliya registered with her local marriage agency that worked with international matchmaking websites. Soon, we found each other and began corresponding with letters. Within a few months of correspondence, I flew to meet Yuliya at her marriage agency’s offices in Grodno, Belarus. We liked each other a lot and kept meeting every day after Yuliya's day of work. By the end of the week, we were falling in love with each other.

Yuliya and her daughter now live with me and my son in Montreal, Canada. We can honestly say that our lives are exactly what we dreamed of for so many years. We are each other's best friend, trusted partner and faithful lover - what more can anyone ask?

Our story is truly special... but it is NOT unique. Any man with a good heart who would like to find a loyal and sexy Russian bride can enjoy the same success that we have.

All you have to do is take a chance!

If you'd like to meet one of these sexy Russian girls, sign up for our 10-day free trial today!

Single Russian Women are NOT Mail Order Brides!
Any Russian Woman or Ukrainian Girl Wishes to Become
The Beautiful Bride and Caring Wife of a Decent Man

Single Russian women are not mail order brides. Russian girls are intelligent, well-educated and hard workers. A typical Russian girl wishes to create a family in her early adult years. Often unable to find a suitable husband in her homeland, she will look for her future life partner in other parts of the world.

Since her childhood, a Russian girl dreams to become a beautiful bride and a caring mother. These beautiful women who are sometimes still labelled as "mail order brides" are using similar methods as we do in order to find a life partner from outside their country: they use dating sites and international matchmaking services. So, Russian women are NOT mail order brides. They simply wish to become the beautiful bride and caring wife of a reliable and faithful man.

Beautiful Russian Women

International Dating site and Matchmaking Service Introducing
Beautiful Ukrainian Women and Sexy Russian Girls
Who are Seeking a Good Man to Share Love and Romance

International dating site featuring Russian women and Ukrainian girls who are seeking a good hearted man to create a family with. Our honest marriage agencies in Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine feature singles and personals of Russian women seeking a husband from outside their country. Russian brides, Ukraine women and Belarus girls are for real and dream to become the wife of a good-hearted man. Any serious man who wishes to find his future wife in Russia can succeed. With the help of our matchmaking service, thousands of beautiful Russian girls find their life partner outside their home country each year. If you are serious about creating a family with a woman who holds the traditional values deep in her hearth, no doubt that Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine are good places to begin your search. Don't hesitate any longer; one of these beautiful Russian women may very well be your future bride!

All our best wishes,

Alain and Yuliya



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